The Bigucci oil mill produces oil according to the traditional method. Every year, between October and November, when the olives reach the right degree of ripeness, they are harvested. Processing must begin within 12/24 hours, they are taken to the oil mill and passed through a defoliator. Here they are washed and cleaned, then passed to the stone mill, where pulp and bone are reduced to a homogeneous paste.

This paste is then passed to a kneading trough where continuous stirring promotes coalescence between the oil droplets. The last stage of this journey is the centrifuge, where oil and pulp are separated. From here the unfiltered oil, rich in nutrients, is produced. The smell of the cold pressing is unmistakable, as is the colour of the oil, which varies from yellow to green.

The Bigucci oil mill’s oil is also produced using an innovative, state-of-the-art, two-stage continuous cycle plant. As in the traditional process, the olives are initially washed and defoliated.

A knife press transforms the olives into a paste and vertical presses, in the absence of oxygen, transfer the newly formed paste to the decanter. From here, a very fragrant oil rich in polyphenols is extracted.