Bruno 5lt can


• 1st prize in the international competition “”L’oro del Mediterraneo”” in the intense fruitiness category February 2020

• 1st prize in the regional competition “”Il novello di Romagna”” in the medium-intense fruitiness category December 2019″

This oil is dedicated to our father, the founder of the company. It was born in 2017, the year of the inauguration of the new continuous method oil mill, with which it is produced. It was inevitable to dedicate it to him, given the strong character and flavour of the oil itself. Obtained by scrupulously selecting 100% Italian healthy olives with a two-phase extractor, it has a medium intense fruity taste with hints of grass and tomato, with a marked bitter and spicy aftertaste. Suitable for demanding palates who love strong flavours, it goes well with high quality cuisine.


5lt latta

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Carpaccio, Grilled vegetables, Legumes, Meat steak, Pesce al cartoccio


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