Nourishing face cream


A neutral, fragrance-free cream, enriched with Olive Oil from Organic Farming, known for its highly emollient, soothing and super-moisturising properties, which make the skin soft and moisturised. It helps to increase the elasticity of the skin tissue and consequently to attenuate skin ageing; moreover, thanks to the addition of Vitamin E, it has an important antioxidant action. Like all our creams, this one too is free of petrolatum, silicones, parabens and PEGs, it can be used to moisturise both the body and the face, it will give the skin a soft and velvety appearance without being greasy.

Fragrance: Neutral, does not contain perfumes.

Directions for use: Massage the cream until it is absorbed, it can be used both on the body and on the face. On the face it is also ideal as a base for make-up.