Sangiovese Bigin


The collaboration with the CA RAGNI winery in San Clemente gave birth to this superior 100% Romagna Sangiovese. The winery was established around the 1950s when the Ragni family bought a small farm of just three hectares. The management of the company was handed down from father to son and now it is the son Mauro who runs the winery.  The family owns about 3000 vines per hectare at an altitude of about 120 metres above sea level. The position of the vineyards is full sun until sunset and they enjoy good ventilation from the sea: a mix of ingredients that combined with the clay soil gives the wines a strong and robust character.
Grape varieties: Sangiovese 100%
Harvest time: End of September
Format: 750 ml
Colour: Intense ruby red
Alcohol content: 13.5 %.
Nose: Impressive fruity and floral scents
Taste: Juicy and vinous. Soft entrance in the mouth with silky tannins
Pairings: Ideal with red meat, game, mature cheeses, mushrooms, pasta dishes with game ragout.

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